Kingsley: Eating

Sunday 27th July 2014

Throughout Kingsley’s seventh month of life, food has become an integral part of each of our days. Solids are slowly (very slowly) replacing breast milk as the infant’s primary source of nutrition and calories. The taste of his food I deliberately keep bland (that is, do not add seasoning, spices or butter) so that he develops an appreciation of the inherent flavor of each ingredient.

These first six weeks of King’s relationship with food have been remarkably enjoyable and easy for all of us: no outright rejections, gagging or vomits; no runny poos, constipation nor overt signs of allergies. Only today however did the child (almost) choke on a piece of apple he was munching on. Poor darling: his eyes bulged, watered and he made every effort to get the offending piece of fruit that was lodged in his gullet, out. Nary a minute past and Kingsley was back chomping on the apple slice with his two tiny rabbit teeth. Bless him!

Pasta Carrot 012 Natan 040 Natan 026 Hummus 008

Breakfast before nursery

Breakfast before nursery

Yoghurt and Pool 009 004



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