20-05-20 Kingsley: Taal

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Things are great when I’ve got Kingsley one-on-one especially when we’re out in nature. Things are awfully tough when I’m split between the 3 siblings and we’re stuck indoors. He is so done with reading ‘just one more book…’

Needless to say the age of Covid-19 has taught me to remove him from situations that he loses control in, showing him how to how in control he can truly be when we’re out exploring, exercising, bare feet grounded on grass or rocks or sand.

Together, watching a sunset or racing each other to the next flag (I usually win!) or feeding the local birds calms him, excites him, generates conversations out of him and a deeper willingness to please me. And in turn I want to please him.

With that I approach a dad and son team kicking a soccer ball around the oval. The little guy wants to play with Kingsley too. Turns out Taal is 7, goes to Coogee Prep School, is a soccer player, loves any sport and is ready to rumble with Kingsley. And needless to say us parents swap numbers and fix our next sporting Playdate between Taal and Kingsley down here at Coogee Oval.