23-04-18 Visiting Aunty Mika

Monday 23rd April 2018

A first: visiting Aunty Mika at her glamorous work, Paspaley, in Martin Place. She is so welcoming and warm. Kingsley throws his arms around her skirt and calls out ‘Aunty Mika!’ He’s in the office proper weaving himself past ladies to get to her.

Kingsley wants to give his cousin Tilly a barnyard puzzle. He chats to his aunty and shows off the blue stripe Country Road backpack she gave him for Christmas 2.5 years ago. Then we’re off for a city adventure.

By foot we discover Cockle Bay and Darling Harbour through to the magnificent outdoor children’s park at Darling Quarter. Straight into his bathing shorts and wet play among scores of other hysterically excited preschoolers. It well and truly is school holidays.

Adventure number 3 is next – for we are being visited by Zennia, Max and Marcus. 4pm they’re in with us, Kingsley thrilled beyond measure that his ‘god-brothers’ are actually visiting him AND they bear gifts! Kingsley’s very first sleeping bag.

After Dora’s cake and a glass of milk each its ice creams then off to Coogee Beach to splash, pass the footy around and climb the cliffs. Kingsley is a dream with these excellent well-mannered boys. Its Max who carries Kingsley all the way home.