18-01-20 Elektra: In Sydney

Saturday 18th January 2020

After morning naps we head out in the rain as a family (minus our Keanu) to visit Tasoula and have an adventure. Two kids is about a million times easier than three so I’m well up for anything. Atvtte nursing home Elektra just stares dumbstruck at wrinkly Tasoula who also happens to be black and blue having tripped over a chair and fallen head faced into a wall the night before.

Bathed and showered, dressed and in her crib discover her standing. A first!

Elektra handles the drizzle with aplomb nary squeaking her protests while Kingsley spots sopping playgrounds while riding the bus to Eastgardens. Out we go into wet grass immediately Elektra is wet. But she’s a tough gal.

Next is Eastgardens Woolies where she eats a plumb and wears another.