03-03-18 Baby Ruth’s Pool Party

Saturday 3rd March 2018

3 till 6:30pm we’re in a state of chaos among Baby Ruth, James and a bunch of neighbourhood / compound kids. Kingsley vomits up the banana cake we brought to Ruth (which we’d decorated with red cokour frosting with ‘RUTH’ on the top). The vomit happens in the big pool thankfully after Chad & Erroll had finished their big swim. Kingsley swallowed so much chlorine while treading water that Erroll jumped to save him, lifting him high on shoulders, the kiddo burped with so much might but then the endless spew caught everyone off guard. Pool full of today’s apples, eggs and Ruth’s frosty banana cake.

The episode did nothing to dampen spirits. ‘I feel much better now’ and off Kingsley dived into the smaller pool following Baby Ruth but this time clamping his mouth shut.