14-02-17 Social Reform at The Lakes

14th February 2017

Before tonight’s magnificent Hartley Family Valentines Extravaganza , and while Erroll slept off his London flight jetlag, Kingsley and I had a fantastic experience at The Lakes Club’s Social Reform. Oh my goodness this gastropub is heaven for families: a massive grass outdoor area, fenced children’s playground, a pool with waterslide, exciting nooks and crannies for toddlers to explore, and great food for adults. Today we met up with our friends the Hursts (and Kingsley finally met newborn Kai) then in the outdoor area, loads of Dutch families befriended us and immediately (uncannily) the kids and mums who struck up conversations with me picked Kingsley as a Dutchie.

He had a great time with all these fair haired blue eyed kids (so many of them) until he threw one of the kid’s boat shoes and it struck the kiddo’s lip. No damage of course and luckily the Dutchie mum of three boys was so relaxed about it all she just shoo’ed away the child and they all then set about playing (rough) again.