17-08-18 Day 4 Autrans

Friday 17th August 2018

French eggs are delicious, Kingsley declares. So is French butter-he’s a big fan. All day Kingsley enjoys buttered bread. And we take a picnic of it on our walk – just me and the boys.

We take in the cows, then farms, feed chickens and cuddle le lapin before Kingsley drops his ‘it scratched me…’ and Natan squeezes the breath out of his.

The boys are up for a forest trek though the black puppy freaks Kingsley out. Natan is totally into the puppy. Next we have an incident as we trek up a track: randomly Natan pushes Kingsley down an embankment luckily a large mossy rock stops his fall. Tears and scraped knees follow. The boys resume their best-friend status quickly when they discover an abandoned camp site the highlight of which is distributing afar all the sticks making up a fire stack.

My heart melts as they share sticks Kingsley handing a stick to Natan to throw and in turn Natan handing his mate one. And on this went till we got home at 5:45pm.

Tonight the two mums and two boys go into Autrans village for dinner of Normandy crepes. Delicious!! Then glāce (icecream) and a dance at the local live concert. Very proud of Kingsley’s enthusiasm for dance though his rhythm is loopy; all elbows and wide legs. I get on the dance floor and we both bust moves.

Fantastic night follows still with us sitting by a stream stressfree as Natan emboldens his mate to pick slugs f5om the grass and line them up…then chuck them in the stream.