Kingsley: New Nursery Routine

Sunday 4th January 2014

We inch closer to Kingsley turning the incredible age of 13 months, something that seemed so far off into the distance, when he was all of three months of age, cradled in front of me in his pouch when we visited Australia. Now our baby is a little man, complete with personality, charm and good looks.

He has also – as of today – entered a new phase of his nursery life: a brand new routine for the ‘older babies’ and one that is more structured, and rigid, and more enforced by the teachers. Breakfast as a class at 9:30am, play, then lunch at 11:30, then sleepy time from noon till 2pm, then play, some milk, more play and finally at 4:30pm dinner is served.

By 5:30 when I walked into nursery, Kingsley had been passed on in a swing, pooped from the intensity of the day. His teacher, Miss Charisse, told me he napped only for 45 minutes during the allotted 2 hour break so by 4:30pm he was ratty. And needing a nap.

Homeward bound we were at 5:45pm, both of us excited to get into pyjamas and away from the crowds of the Dubai peak hour street scene…

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