04-11-19 Elektra: Hood Rats

Monday 4th November 2019

With Linus at school we four actually feel relaxed enough to nap for a couple of hours after breakfast, pack for tomorrow’s flight to Dubai (may God grant us passage), eat chicken & pasta mash on the balcony and get these two ready for their bus trip on the (unreliable) 122 bus service to pick up our boy from school.

Today’s weather is mixed and with a storm coming over Keanu and I stay indoors. Putting Freudle to his second nap takes over an hour of cuddles and hugs, rocking and lulling. He drinks a litre of goats milk and it takes me far too long to realise those kicking legs and arching back means he’s got stomach ache. A litre!

While Elektra, daddy and Linus explore the windy beach I walk Freudle about the apartment till blessed sleep takes him finally.