15-11-20 Kingsley: Lawrence’s 5th Birthday

Sunday 15th November 2020

What a day you’ve had, Kingsley. Non stop action and fun. From morning till 6pm you’re at it with friends and games daddy being your Uber driver for the day. I’m out of the picture as Zennia avd I are walking the Botanic Gardens then long lunching at The Botanic by Luke Nguyen; no kids: heaven! You’re blissed out too hanging with the boys daddy and Keanu without me badgering you to eat.

I badger you enough each morning to ensure you recieve a) nutrition dense nourishment and b) enough calories to see you through your active day. Today after pressing you to read two books (both now on the bookshelf never to be read again; congratulations!) you watch science programs over breakfast of: a glass of milk, one banana, 3 eggs sunny side up, one apple, a yoghurt, two picklets. Now you’re ready for Lawrence’s 5th Birthday party!

Here you hang with Antony and Michaela eating lollies and sucking on chuppa chups. Of course you aren’t ready to go home after the party so its to time zone at EQ you and the Hartley boys where daddy of course buys you a Hagen Das icecream.