Kingsley: Greece Spring ’17

March-April-May 2017

Enrolling Kingsley into preschool during April-May of this year afforded him daily opportunity to meet new little people and make some friends. After school each day while he enjoys a creamy cup of ice cream I make it a habit of asking who he played with during their yard break. Three names would always come up: Kiriākos, Kleănthe and Axilěas. Classic Greek!

However its not only at preschool he’s made mates this Spring. Everywhere we go Kingsley excites the crowd and manages to find a mate. Children are his favour and he as a rule greets them with a ‘yiā-sou!’ to which they always reply with a ‘yiā!’…and a sweet, transient, momentary friendship ignites. The kids are most satisfied with themselves and us parents beam with pride. Its a great age too – almost three and a half – as sensible conversation is engaged in and there aren’t fights or obnoxiousness to deal with.

Here are some scenes of Kingsley’s Springtime-in-Greece friendships…

Church mice

Making mates with like-minded crazies