15-07-16 Metro to The Greens

Friday 15th July 2016

Here are images of a very clean and tidy Kingsley waiting patiently to board the Metro for our trip to The Greens to pay friends Darine and her two boys a visit. Note white short-sleeve shirt which was originally his dad’s back in 1980. The Y-Front BONDS undies are a classic; some sweet soul gave Kingsley this pair, and I wish I knew who it was, cause this friend deserves a huge thank you. Socks came in toddler appropriate pack of seven, and those loafers a gift from cousin Melina for the boy’s Christening back in early 2015. Every item I proudly hand-launder and store to maximize its life (and looks).

Fast forward an hour and Kingsley I have stripped to nappies…and then some. Fatal mistake of feeding him a bright orange (patently artificially) coloured icecream sorbet while we walk from Metro Station to Darine’s in today’s extreme fifty degrees heat meant he got covered from nose to knees in sticky and luminous food coloring. The bloody thing melted quicker than his little mouth could lick away. Seriously Alice: the worst combination: baking heat and sticky dripping mess. Vintage shirt is ruined. But that wasn’t the worst.

After our swim in Darine’s pool, all that chlorine he drank, and then a fun communal bath for all three boys, Kingsley insisted as always to run nude. I am always nervous when he demands nappy-free time and more so when at someone else’s home. Well, that one moment I turned away to prepare icecream cones for them was the time Kingsley chose to shit and piss all over the huge playmat covering the lounge room floor. And it was a real stinker.

Mortified, with zero delay I lift child (who’s bum is dripping with poo, still) and large, heavy, wet playmat and deposit them both into the bath tub well before my lovely host can figure out where the stench is coming from. Dear me, what a messy kid I have. And now with nothing clean to wear but still smiling. My little stinker.

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