22-08-19 Kingsley: Where’s Wally?

Thursday 22nd August 2019

The boys walk to school, the sunny day that it is.

I’m an overenthusiastic mumma taking photo after photo of the child in his very first Book Week costume.

Breakfast: what will Erroll feed him? My concern is that Kingsley eats well for school so get up leaving Keanu slumbering and make our big boy bacon and eggs. They go down very easily!

Packing the babies up, bundling them into the double stroller, we’re off to watch the Coogee Public School Book Week Parade where daddy waits for us.

Miss Panousis is dressed as a Ninja – all the teachers are – as she leads KP round the quadrangle twice, us mums and dads  screeching and waving to our big babies who proudly wear their hats and shoes, holding wands and crystal balls. The effort is fantastic and our son feels right at home among this school.