04-03-17 Kite Beach

Saturday 4th March 2017

For adults the Arabian Gulf waters during winter are cold. For toddlers, the very same water is to be jumped into and enjoyed maximally by irritating each other with splashes. Today with the grey skies and threats of rain (never came) Camilla and I took our three to Kite Beach for a play. Little did we know they’d disrobe and launch themselves in the water. Neither Camilla or I was game to even wade in the shallows though Camilla was obliged to play ‘splishy-splashy’ (most unpleasant when fully clothed, I can confirm) with Kingsley and Maya hanging off her arms.

We will be bringing the babes again here to Kite Beach since winter only ends on 20th March  –  afew more weeks of delightfully cool weather before the sonic heat of Dubai hits our senses. Here is how three friends spent their day…