01-05-19 Kingsley: Playdate

Wednesday 1st May 2019

[One-on-one Time] Last night I got a total of 6 hours sleep. Broken, but it was sleep nonetheless. I woke energized! So much so that preparing our big boy for first day of Term 2 of Kindy was an absolute buzz. So at 8:30am I leave the twins with their Jiajia and walk Kingsley to school. It is our sacred one-on-one time. We talk, sing, be silly, ALWAYS take photos and hug.

That was yesterday. Today is Erroll’s day off so he gets the privilege of taking Linus to school. I’m a little envious but get my hour one-on-one time again. This time in the morning. Just my eldest and I on the balcony off the kitchen playung rackets abd building towers. Each spoonful of breakfast I feed him makes joy spark in me. Nourishing my family is number one! Today he gets high protein goodness: whole milk, banana, yoghurt, wholemeal cheese toast.

At some point we’re swapping kids. Erroll hands me Elektra and he gets Kingsley to brush his teeth. We argue over homework or whatever that piece of paper was in Kingsley’s bag and it stresses me no end when we bicker in front of the child. Poor baby rushes to fill in the words (corn, cork) and colour in the pictures (never in the lines, that kid!)

By the afternoon Kingsley’s dream comes true: to visit Alex, his mate at home and stay for a play date. Straight after school he walks home with Erenie the last ads literally skipping along Melodie Street. The party doesn’t end: Kingsley gets to play soccer with Alex and his tiny team at Hefron Park even scoring a goal! The best day a kid could ask for.