Kingsley: First Summer

Friday 20th June 2014

Today, darling son, you accompanied me to our friend Darine’s ‘Gender Reveal’ party at the Mina A Salaam. Amongst family and close friends, Darine unveiled the sex of her unborn baby – A BOY! – and we ate at the buffet and drank mocktails in celebration.

Kingsley at 6 and a half months at the Mina A Salaam Brunch

Kingsley at 6 and a half months at the Mina A Salaam Brunch

You became overheated from all the commotion, me carting you to all the buffet stations in those three restaurants we could eat at, the outdoor walk ways directly in the sun’s rays and of course the inappropriate (yet super hipster) attire I dressed you in (after all, we were at a party and the venue was the uber fancy Mina A Salaam.)

I am sure I understood you correctly when you babbled that you’d like a dip in the pool. Easy! Strip off your clothes, take off that nappy and dunk you in that Arabesque fountain. You loved it!


Camera obsessed Mumma taking the shots

This is your first summer in the Middle East. In for a roasting, you are! In the July of 2013, temperatures reached 51 degrees centigrade. I was five months pregnant with you and since the Holy Month of Ramadan has commenced, drinking water was forbidden. Mercifully those who are pregnant may be exempted from the fast. I played that card, of course.

This year there will be no pregnancy to save me from extreme thirst as Ramadan draws near. The Moon Sighting Committee of Saudi Arabia may call it as early as next Sunday. In the meantime, lets hydrate and dip in fountains and of course wear some shades…


Oakley sunnies on King

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