The Pavilion, Downtown Dubai

Saturday 25th June 2016

A friend commented on this photo, which I posted on Facebook, that Kingsley didn’t look too happy. Indeed he doesn’t, I replied, for he is back living in inconceivably hot desert conditions / stuck in our apartment after five glorious weeks holidaying in Greece. I don’t know of any kid who prefers to be schlepped out of air conditioning into desert winds and then stuck in a restaurant for hours while the mummy friends catch up. Every kid I know prefers barefoot adventure, sea bathing and collecting shells.

Still, Kingsley received some good news at the restaurant of our choice today: The Pavilion has not one but two children’s play areas! One is all padded seating, books and beautiful toy cars, the other is a gated zone cram full of blocks, bricks, craft tables and chairs. Moreover, there is what seems an empty space designed perfectly for children to stretch their legs, and run amok, all far far away from the dining public. This all above and beyond the exceptional menu which caters for discerning adults and very picky small palates.

Every Saturday at The Pavilion is deal day with a delightful and healthful brunch buffet costing AED115 per adult (kidlets free), or you can order a la carte. Notwithstanding the blank model stare, Kingsley on this day was happy and well sated, for he ate what was on offer: pecans, walnuts, crackers, yoghurt, fruit medley, croissants and fresh vegetable juices. Happy Mumma and happy baby on our return to the desert…