31-01-17 Reunions at Last

Tuesday 31st January 2017

Reunions with Bah-Bah! Undeterred by a 11:30 PM knock on the hotel door, Kingsley shoots up straight in bed and somehow knows its his Bah-Bah making the racket; runs straight to the door. He is elated! Last time he saw/played with his Bah-Bah was late December when we were reunited for a very (early) Hartley Christmas at the Stamford Plaza Hotel. That was five weeks ago. And lately more than ever, Kingsley has been asking about his Bah-Bah – “where is Bah-Bah?” he asks at a quiet moment, or when he wants some rough and tumble.

So for the next 45 minutes, as Erroll undresses out of his suit, and gets into comfies, Kingsley goes nuts: shows him his frisbie, and colouring in pens, and how to kick a ball. The love affair between father and son is alive and well in these two.