Kingsley: Oscar Nicholson

Friday 15th December 2017

Our second play date with the Nicholsons is a resounding success: immediate recognition, embraces and hand holding. And that’s just the kids! Oscar is a great kiddo and is up for lots of play, mucking around and hard core danger climbing on playground equipment.

While Rebecca and I slowly relaxed over a jasmine green tea at Al Khazzan Park, Oscar and Kingsley enjoyed the sugar-fat-salt high from their breakfast picnic of Kingsley’s rainbow cake washed down with apple juice then lunch of a packet of crisps each (!).

Consequences of such a dreadfully unbalanced source of calories was felt by both boys within 20 minutes after their last bite: emergency toilet time. Twice each!

Next play date Rebecca and I vowed to provide actual nourishment. See you in January, Oscar!