30-04-18 To the Batmobile

Monday 30th April 2018

We’ve got a playdate & dinner today at Haarleen’s place and the excitement is such that Kingsley is up at 6am for a wee and to remind me that today we visit Haarleen. There’s no putting him back to bed so we’re up for the day. My plan is to feed him, play together, tire him out with an excursion then ensure he gets a nap at some stage before we hit the road for a party at the Panesars.

Its 2:30pm and he’s passed out. All the above we have achieved!! Our excursion outdoors saw us discover the original Batmobile here in Dubai in our neighbourhood no less, ‘protected’ by velvet ropes outside yet another newly opened hotel along the Sheikh Zayed service road.

He was mildly interested in the car but actually excited to find some wild marigolds beneath some date palms outside Le Pain Quotidien most of which Kingsley plucked in order to play ‘she loves me; she loves me not’ with his JiaJia as they cooled their heels inside the airconditioned Financial Centre metro station.