28-11-20 Kingsley: Jensen’s Sky Zone Party

Saturday 28th November 2020

Me writing to Jesse’s mum Kavita this afternoon:

Darling we dodge a bullet – was steaming hot under the tin roof of Sky Zone. Erroll was sweating! People collapsed! Ryder and Lachie Smith fell to the ground then were laid so that legs were on the level of their hearts! Employees were walking about spritzing cold water on parents avd children’s faces!

And all this jumping action after tennis! Kingsley was beetroot red walking home from tennis when I met up with him and thrust a cold icecream in his puffy hand. Erroll quite rightly threw him under a cold shower once the dripping icecream was finished.

And later tonight I do the very same thing: after Evan and Kingsley shoot hoops. So good! Babies asleep and have been for some time after I scolded them.

Evan asked Kingsley to play basketball then they played soccer and handball. He came up 15 minutes ago! He was really entertained and has a huge proud smile on his face.

When he came up he told me not to fret as mbamba has gone out to see Leo and Daniel to help Daniel. That Leo needs no help. Just Daniel.