21-04-19 Kingsley: QLD Day 5

Sunday 21st April 2019

This rainy Easter Sunday in Brisbane you spend playing chess with mates Jona and Kobi.  Uncle Phet sends me photos: you’re black Kobi is white. You’ve both amassed Cardinals, Knights, Pawns. I’ve not known you so interested in a board game since our time in Saronida teaching each other τάβλι.

But it’s not just chess. Today you hit balls at the driving range, you shoot hoops at the basketball court, you hit a tennis ball playing doubles with daddy on your team, you ride a ride-on mower, -you garden and weed. Daddy sends me pictures of you eating a pizza slice all by yourself not to mention bananas. Where’s my baby?

I tell you where he is: hugging me tight the instant he walks through the door. I’ve not been so warmly embraced! We hug and hug. He missed me; my son missed me- you tell me with a sincerity in your soft voice. We hug a third time and you whisper a request to daddy : that mummă puts you to bed. My darling first born, I’ve missed you too.