20-10-19 Kingsley: Greek Family

Sunday 20th October 2019

The test of communication is being understood and indeed Δωρόθεος can easily be understood while speaking Greek. One week of school has made a huge impression on his use of the language. He is of course a little shy (bordering on rude the way he hides behind my skirt) to chatter but family is forgiving and clever ones engage him by asking questions which interest him such as ‘show me your new fluoro frog’ or ‘do you want to play?’

Visiting and playing with Kingsley is Vicky and her girls Maria and Aliki who both coo over the babies but also play ‘go fishing’ with their 5 year old cousin. Erroll takes him swimming and playing at the playground with Nicholas his 3.5 year old mate, then delicious souvlaki. Lights out after his new favourite show ‘Gormiti-Knights of Nature’.