26-09-20 Twins: Lyne Park

Saturday 26th September 2020

Two distinct personalities are emerging. They have been bubbling away for the longest time however the divergent nature of the twins really is noticeable at times like today. A picnic, bunches of friends, playful older kids, the mums and daughters sitting around the picnic blankets nibbling food and drinking juices. Keanu must be out and about; won’t ever sit let alone contemplate eating when there’s the entire new world called Lyne Park to explore. Elektra so content to enjoy the sunshine and bon homme of friends circling the camp. She sits on Katrina’s lap or takes Mikayla’s hand to go for a walk. Keanu must be fed by stealth; Elektra enjoying dipping a seaweed cracker into hummus. Keanu trotting off to find sticks; Elektra pouring herself cups of water.