Kingsley: Bronchiolitis

October 2014 Day 3 in Greece

Visit to the paediatrician today…then the pharmacy. So our little one has deep in his lungs, deep in the alveoli, a particular inflammation that is causing him shallow breaths, a disturbing, distressful cough, runny nose, and an inability to rest properly. Diagnosis bronchiolitis: a common chest infection in young children caused by a viral infection of the lungs. Medicines do not usually help.

However, and in this instance, Kingsley will be treated with asthmatic inhalers, flixotide and salutimol through an easy-spacer, just to open his airways – allowing oxygen to travel deep into his lungs and clear out the virus. To celebrate his diagnosis and that we are on the merry road to mending, I take our boy to a wonderfully shaded chirren’s playground. Here we play among the pinecones, we breastfeed, and explore nature…

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