05-03-17 Ba-Bah is HOME!

Sunday 5th March 2017

Its like magic: Ba-Bah appears home after over a week away and Kingsley goes wild from joy. Unbridled enthusiasm for his dad begins at 10 AM when Kingsley hears keys at the front door, scurries to greet him, and ends after at 10 PM when we all finally fall back to sleep.

Kingsley asked today why his penis goes hard. He was on the loo doing a wee, marveling at its trajectory and attempting to keep the wee from flowing out onto the tiles (he knows I go nuts at this). Then when done, with curiosity notes to me that his penis is soft. And after a while that it goes hard…then asked me ‘why does my penis go hard?’ OMG I laughed and laughed, left Kingsley on the loo and rang mumma Dora in Sydney to tell her the news.

In the evening, and after a 2.5 hour nap, we head out to play…at the mall (where else at 7 PM?) We are not alone. Scores of other wired toddlers are out with weary parents making efforts to tire them out. We settle on Carrefour where the extensive toy/games/rides section is like an entire department store. Here we find another little boy as excited as Kingsley to play on the trampoline, jumping castle and ride the tricycles. From so much excitement Kingsley pisses his pants; that is, refuses to tell me, even after I ask whether he needs to go at least fifteen times, that he needs wee. Am prepared as usual: in my bag-of-all-ticks I have spare everything…and we resume playing till we get home at 10 PM to Ba-Bah waiting at the door for us.