25-12-19 Kingsley: First Christmas

Wednesday 25th December 2019

My darling welcome to your first Christmas as part of a family of 5. You’re never alone now, always vying for my attention or even a little nod or acknowledgement, for these twins suck the life force out of me. And I dwell on how much I am away from you; I feel guilty for not playing games with you. All we did pre-twins was travel the world and play games. All I lived to do was provide entertainment and education for you. Now I’ve got Elektra who is wildly demanding and Keanu who is introverted and needs to be loved. I’m torn! My number one baby I MISS YOU! And I missed you so much today when I sent you off with Νονά και γιαγιά for Christmas dinner. You left at 2 and returned at 10pm. Daddy and I wondered hour after hour what you’re up to, what you’re eating, who you’re playing with. Imagine a miniature Linus embedded in our mama and daddy brains; you’re always on our minds and we are incredibly proud of you.

And today you didn’t disappoint either me, your γιαγια nor your Νονά: for you learned a beautiful life lesson today and you executed it to perfection. That is, when paying someone a visit we always turn up to their home with a gif.

Arriving at Γιαγιά Αγγελική you give her a wrapped Christmas gift and said ‘Χρόνια Πολλά γιαγιά Αγγέλα’. Into her arms you throw yourself for cuddles and among your cousins Jiji & Pipi you’re at home.

Our big 6 year old, we missed you at home but you showed your true self to other. And conducted yourself with dignity and calm for this your first Christmas as part of a family of 5, away from your family.

You allowed me a window of 4 minutes to take these Christmas day photos before cracking the shits with me.