27-09-17 Scissors

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Big news at the Saronītha crib:

1) Erroll breaks the news he’s been granted 15 days unpaid leave in November. We will be reunited!

2) JiaJia Dora has agreed to look after Kingsley while us two love birds have our very first holiday together just the two of us.

3) Kingsley’s little fingers finally get to hold and use safety scissors for the very first time. Indeed, I came home today from IKEA with two pairs no less. His favourite being the ‘crimper’. He cut up the supermarket pamphet like a pro.

4) And due to my incredibly happy mood that Erroll comes to town in a few weeks I allow this Kingsley this evening before bed (as I stuff roast chicken dinner into his mouth) to watch two cartoons on Nickelodeon: Shimmer & Shine and Blaze.