07-03-18 Al Seef The Creek

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Third day running we feed our community camels their carrot and apple breakfast. Kingsley insisted…and only once fed we are free to go exploring on the train then go to the BIG park, then catch a little boat, after which lets have an icecream then walk after which we must go to the supermarket to buy bananas, Laban, chapati, grapes, he explained.

These days he outlines how our day will look. Its extraordinary. And he gets cranky if we don’t fulfil all of his prophesies.

And so it passed that indeed after our breakfast among the Zabeel livestock we took the train and had a grand adventure on board boats, scooting along the La Mer boardwalk enjoy the views of Deira from our vantage point on the Creek. Of course rounding off the day with a shop at Carrefour – Kingsley in the shopping trolley – completes his experience and we finally pass out far too late in the night yet most satisfied with what we got up to.