08-07-18 Playmobil Ιππότες

Sunday 8th July 2018

Exactly one month ago Μηρέλλα got the little man a box of treasures he was to assemble. While Erroll was here 3 weeks ago the two lads did just that. And what we discovered was a world of knights and hidden wonders.

Today’s morning was spent playing Ιππότες in our big bed. Hours of play (interspersed truth be told with shows on Nickelodeon; bad mum) my knight versus Kingsley’s knight. Then I got his giant plastic insect collection in on the act. We had spider versus knight #1; cricket versus knight #2; butterfky versus spider. You get my drift.

By 3pm we’d exhausted all permutations of arguing creatures so off to the beach we walked and there we stayed for three glorious hours. Neither faint nor nausea felt; the water warm yet refreshing so I waded for most of the time. Meanwhile Kingsley made two mates (identical twin sisters Georgia and Fotinī age 8). Not a moment of bickering. Three new friends completely taken by one another. Plus that water!

A perfect end to a top weekend in the sun.