01-11-20 Twins: Goldie’s Christening

Sunday 1st November 2020

Utmost best Sunday best behaviour at the church here early this raining Sunday morning to watch Goldie being baptised into the Catholic Church. All three kids were great smiling especially to Goldie being held by Aunty Mika.

They all eat play and enjoy the Christening Party at the flying squadron yacht club at Kirribilli. It was a lovely celebration- non stop for the parents keeping the kids busy, fed, entertained and out of trouble. Ours eat bacon but mainly feed daddy. Oma comes to sit with us and I’m glad of is as Elektra would like to drink a bottle of milk and into Oma’s arms she lays.

By night time the kids are delirious and at one point Elektra pulls Keanu’s hair. He screams. Inconsolable. Elektra at it again. She’s so jealous! She needs to be given attention. And Keanu needs to feel at ease. We as adults figure out what to do to help Elektra reduce her anxiety over feeling jealousy. And give Keanu the space to develop his personality without the fear of his sister’s wrath.

There will be two adults whenever the twins are together. Each one deserves to be given attention fully. We want Elektra to relax with her needing to be number one. We want to enjoy Keanu’s full personality shine through. So wound up us adults are that the babies are super wound up unable to fall asleep easily. But by 8pm they’re snoring.

Promise you both my darlings we’ll do good by both of you.