13-06-20 Twins: Botanic Garden

Saturday 13th June 2020

What a whopper of a poo Keanu makes while we’re enjoying the Botanic Gardens today. He does it while climbing the sandstone stairs; I’m waylaid with Elektra who herself has pissed her pants and needs a new outfit. No toilets or facilities anywhere in sight I must do with a bottle of water, a Very Hungry Caterpillar blanket and a patch grass to clean both babies up.

Meanwhile Elektra is a wild woman on the loose as she explores the gardens making her way around by walking. Keanu is making his first steps but prefers to crawl about. I’m delighted he’s not walking yet; how could I corral them when both left to scoot?

An interesting observation I am making day in day out: Elektra has a penchant for handbags and baskets preferring these accessories to any toy she’s got access to. Keanu on the other hand prefers things with wheels or balls.

Today as an example as we three enjoy Sydney’s finest warm winter day, Elektra sets her sights on the Kate Spade nappy bag, dragging it across the grass and trying as best as she can to hang it from the handles on her arm. Keanu spends his day pushing the Valco Snap DUO round and round, either walking around or on his knees.

Both using fat little hands to wave their royal wave at happy people enjoying the gardens as well.