18-09-19 Kingsley: Teah Over

Wednesday 18th September 2019

An impromptu playdate precipitated by the wet weather and my asking Michelle to bring Kingsley home when picking up Teah. Both kids are determined to play this arvo and where better than Casa Coogee wufh its freezer full of Cornetto Ice creams.

The classmates are very good play mates too possibly because Teah is sophisticated in thinking, and Kingsley lively and wishing to please. They share well. In fact Kingsley offers Teah a selection of Shopkins from Coles (complete with collector box) and Luon King Ooshies.

As tribute for the good deed of bringing Kingsley home, he presents her with a care package: KitKat chocolate, crisps, cookies, cupcakes and balloons. Linus now needs no prompting when his friends leave: ‘thank you for playing! Come again! I LOVE YOU TEAH!!’