01-02-21 Kingsley: Caelan at Gym

Monday 1st February 2021

Highlights of your day: 1. Conducting the final part of your Smithsonian reference book experiment with ice, a balloon and various food colourings. 2. Seeing buddy Caelan at Bummer gym. He’s joined the boys rec group. You both RAN to each other then ran in the hall! 3. Receiving a phone call from Miss Sanzari this evening and you speaking with her. She wishing to thank you for baking her cookies. Fixing a rendezvous to see her tomorrow in classroom KP. Choosing a lovely smelling candle to give her. Choosing the green paper over the black to wrap it.

Lowlight of mine: 1. cleaning up the spilled bottle of dark blue food colouring all over the kitchen floor and marble top. Hours of cleaning while you insist on us starting a new experiment from your Smithsonian reference book. 2. You YELLING at me then me YELLING at you to do basic tasks such as do not enter the kitchen while I mop the blue ink. 3. Me threatening to throw away all your (remaining) bottles of food dye if you don’t write a card/behind a picture of yourself to Miss Sanzari. Asking to do so no less than 12 times.