16-01-20 Twins: Bubbler

Thursday 16th January 2020

I schlep you out and about day and night and nary a whine do I hear from either of you save for when you need a nappy changed or when your hungry. So I weave my magic changing you at Tierny Reserve Hillsdale across the road from Southpoint Shopping Centre, on a bench, washing both your bums with the water spouting from the kiddie water bubbler! No other choice! I didn’t have wipes with me but always carry a thirsty towel. Kingsley is oblivious as he’s found two boys and they’re playing chase. Meanwhile us three feed the ibis and an argumentative magpie leftover Burger Rings we found in a packet.

We’ve been for the past few hours at Bunnerong Gym, Kingsley’s holiday camp, you two being attended to by littke gymnasts on the mats. Happy faces! Next we’re off with Cleo, Kingsley’s school friend, for an impromptu Woolies shop where the big kids play hula and you two hoover down Macro Wholefoods pouches (chicken & corn; veal & veges) followed by bottles of blueberry Filmjolk and for dessert Activa yoghurt in mango. Animals!

Home late but oh so happy.

That’s the second half of our day. Tge first half is spent with Oma, Aunty Mika and your cousin Goldie, playing on her mat, alarmed at the rocking horse (Elektra) and proper crawling (Keanu). Highlights include Keanu enjoying whole pieces of mango at the table and he playing ball – actually chucking it and catching it – with Oma.