25-05-17 Pool-Hot Chips-Beach Repeat

Thursday 25th May 2017

While your father legged it to a cross fitness class at Unit 27 I decided to leave you in the care of sweet Miss Joy at the Kids Club. I dashed off to eat my lunch with your Oma, Mika and Jimmy but of course cuddled your cousin Tilly for most of that hour. I won’t lie: that hour was delightful. My smoked salmon never tasted so good! Adult conversation was satisfying…but predictably all us adults spoke about was little Tilly and big boy Kingsley who now I proudly boast, has learned to swim all by himself (with the help of Ba-Bāh of course).

At one point before my dessert was served the restaurant manager approached me and asked me to take a call from the Kids Club. My peaceful lunch was up; Kingsley was asking for mummà and definitely hungry.

Day 4 in paradise and all the little champ asked for is hot chippies. Our Samaritan shares them with everyone on the table. A chippie for Mika. One for Oma. One for Jimmy. And repeat! Hot chips for lunch it is then son; you can have as many hot chippies as you like.