23-10-20 Kingsley: Victor Playdate

Friday 23rd October 2020

Week 1 Term 1 is over and to celebrate Victor and Kingsley have an after school Playdate. Firstly the lads share Magnum icecreams with Jesse and in the pick up zone confusion we think its a good idea to go to Zip Line with Jesse, so all three kids and Kavita & I head there excitedly. But within minutes Kingsley wants to go home to have his time with Victor thus thwarting Jesse’s hopes to play together. Tears and emotions outside of Sunburst Music follow. We leave Jesse crying in Kavita’s arms and all of us feel bad.

Kingsley though does not forget; the incident must play on his mind all afternoon for in the evening he asks to communicate with Jesse. We thus record a video completely and wholly from Kingsley’s heart unprompted by me asking Jesse for a Playdate on Monday. And that he is very sorry for hurting Jesse’s feelings by not going with him today to the park. The child shows empathy.

Playdate with Victor is fun and lively, highlights being 1) the boys take a leek up a tree after their icecreams but before their chocolate milks; 2) Kingsley losing his marbles because his choco milk is different to Victor’s choco milk; 3) Kingsley coming to his senses after trying both choco milks (Victor mercifully giving up his milk in exchange for Kingsley’s) and noting to us all that they are both just as good as one another. The boys skip merrily along; 4) McDonald’s French fries before AND after jiu-jitsu; 5) boys shooting hoops downstairs, riding cars inside the house and wrapping each other up in my yoga mat like dolmades outside on the balcony; 6) epic 7pm hometime with no tears nor tantrums to stay longer.