29-12-19 Kingsley: Zoo

Sunday 29th December 2019

Is this our 20th trip to Taronga Zoo? We’re here in the heat, daft me forgot my flip flops so am wearing the heeled boots I wore to church today. Kingsley wears his $4 Coles derived Star Wars themed two sizes too big flip flops and a variety of clothes he’s been given as gifts over Christmas.

Initially Kingsley showed enthusiasm for the zoo especially since its at the zoo we can recycle cans and bottles for 10 cents each. In fact he earns 80 cents from the morning’s work.  Now its time to see the animals.

Today’s attractions are few and far between in fact I don’t recall actually seeing any animals other than the elephants giving themselves a sand shower. The highlight of our trip to the zoo has nothing to do with wildlife; its the paddle in the artificial beach. Here Linus makes a mate: 5 year old Louis from Canberra. They hit it off and vow to be pen pals.

For future reference: Louis Doherty 16 Maloney St Wanniassa ACT 2903. We’ll write soon, mama Megan says.