20-11-20 Twins: Ilse & Zac

Friday 20th November 2020

What a treat: today at Bondi Jinx we visit Ilse at the salon then Ilse drives us home via picking Zac up from school. Strapped in the back Keanu is animated and fubby chucking his purple Tupperware about scattering cake which makes Zac crack up. 20 times they do this routine and Keanu is king of making his second cousin laugh out loud!

Later at Coogee Keanu hones in on Lachie and his icecream going in for not only a taste but his very own Bulla. In fact both babies get their own sit on the stoop and proceed to enjoy the taste sensation. And smear it all over themselves. Of course following on is massive poo and straight into the shower.

The twins are becoming so clever saying sentences! ‘Bye μπαμπά’ at the back gate when Erroll drives away.