14-09-16 Out with Rio

Wednesday 14th September 2016

Its a newsworthy day when I leave the house without Kingsley, to meet up with a close friend. I’ve been doing this quite a lot these days, relatively speaking. Last week out in the evening with Lena, and today meeting Rio for coffee and cake by the fountains of the Dubai Mall. And since Kingsley is now of a certain age where he enjoys and seeks the entertainment others can provide (in other words, is becoming bored with me and my obsession to feed him till he bursts and nap him for hours), there is great ease in leaving him with a trusted babysitter, JiaJia Dôra and of course with his beloved Bah-Báh.

Today we go about our usual business: Kingsley wakes before me (around 9:30am), slinks off to the loungeroom to play quietly by himself, greets his Bah-Báh at the door when the fitness freak comes home from the gym, both make a racket, I wake (reluctantly, mind) to the banging, bath is drawn, breakfast is made, eggs and toast, yoghurt and banana is eaten.  And as it seems always the case these lazy days, breakfast segues into lunchtime and before we know it, it’s nap time.

I take my exit while the child naps. Walking to the Dubai Mall gives me  some very much overdue exercise and surprising myself, I am early meeting Rio. With a few minutes to myself, my eyes are allowed to settle on the scene in front of Carluccio’s: the Dubai Mall lake. With no kid to wrangle, my entire body relaxes and I exhale. Time now to take fresh mint tea (and that slice of orange cake) with my girl Rio…


Dubai Mall lake with Souk Al Bahar in the background