22-08-17 Citihospital

Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Something very rare occurred today: I used an alarm to wake up (at 7 am, eghh). Its not something I am used to at all and it threw me. Kingsley remained the sleeping beauty he is, in our bed. I prepared his breakfast and soon enough the little lamb was calling ‘Mumma!’; he was awake and by 8:15 am we are out the door headed to Cityhospital for my appointment with Ophthalmic consultant Dr. Sanjeev.

Highlight of our morning at: Kingsley reflecting to himself, loudly so that I can hear, once my eye examination was declared over, ‘…if only the doctor would examine my eyes…’  “…μακάρι ο γιατρός θα εξετάσει τα μάτια μου..” Of course Dr Sanjeev proceeded to conduct a thorough investigation of Kingsley’s eyes and pronouced them the healthiest and brightest he’s ever come across.

Mine, however, aren’t so bright. In fact my left eye requires drops; vitreous humor is slowly is detaching from the retina causing floaters and a general haziness. My able assistant however procures from the hospital pharmacy my eye drops and in the interim makes friends with the pharmacist.