21-12-19 Twins: Superheros Party

Saturday 21st December 2019

Today something important and big is happening: Kingsley is hosting his ultra cool 6th birthday party with real  Superheroes. And you two are invited! Well there are some conditions to this invitation: you can be among the big kids only if you behave for your new nanny. That’s right: today you will be looked after, fed, changed, napped, strolled and entertained by lovely Viviana.

Its now 11pm, Keanu fast asleep in my bedroom after a refreshing bottle of goats milk, Elektra squeaking to be cuddled (and here I am cuddling this boob monster in Kingsley’s bed). You both blew me away today with your quiet contemplation of Kingsley’s party and easy disposition for the nanny. Not me of course: I’m stuck in this bed.