15-08-16 Spaghetti with Haarleen

Monday 15th August 2015

In our tiny kitchen Mumma Dôra cooks up a vegetarian mushroom based spaghetti sauce that is destined for two little mouths: Kingsley and his special constant companion Haarleen. For today we’ve great friends Min and her daughter visiting for lunch and a play date. These two enjoy a strong attachment, show affection to one another, call the other by name, spoil each other with gifts, and always seem to play nice.

And today the toddlers played beautifully. At first sight, they hug and call each other’s names. ‘HaarlEEN HAARLEEN!!’ one bellows, then the other ‘Ninii, NINII!!’ Next is the gift exchange. Kingsley receives a music set, drums included (!); Haarleen receives a magic wand and Little Miss book. Soon enough the kids are throwing toys around, and when us adults nearly lose control of them, lunch is served: spaghetti and steamed veges, infront of Netflix for Kids.

Two hours together is the limit of sanity for parents and decent behaviour for wound up toddlers so just after 1pm we walk our friends down to steaming Sheikh Zayed Road, bid them farewell and hug knowing that this coming Saturday we will do it all over again!

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