10-01-21 Kingsley: Beachside with Lachie

Sunday 10th January 2021

After a truly awful, traumatic and shouty midday, I bundle Kingsley and Elektra out the door their bathing gear piled in the buggy and we make our way to the glorious Pacific Ocean for a body surf. Keanu not sleeping all day screaming hysterically not knowing what he needs or wants asking for me then daddy a million times through devastating tears poor Kingsley relegated to this phone playing crappy app games when today is pure sunshine outside me fatigued and dehydrated quite the mad woman losing her marbles, well I too needed OUT so off we go into nature and freshness.

And aren’t we fortunate! Guess who we bump into but Kingsley’s best buddy Lachie. Till 7:30pm we four are together eating fish and chips, then juicing our own oranges at Maloneys, then vegan icecreams these boys have a blast climbing trees and sandstone fountains at Coogee Beach.

Phew! Back to normal back to outdoors us.