14-12-19 Kingsley: Family Birthday Party

Saturday 14th December 2019

This is your second of three parties to celebrate turning 6. Just for your little cousins on both sides its Jake & Mia, Eva, Tilly & Goldie and all the beautiful young and lovely aunties surrounding you. Uncle Jimmy played music and the two granmas cooked a feast & baked a pavlova.

You wore your daddy’s green shirt from 40 years ago which looks like new, and to honour your guests you shower them with pressies during pass-the-parcel and musical statues.

We decorate your very own fortress (cardboard box) and after singing Happy Birthday To You twice, I present you with a gift from all your guests: a rubber stamp collection. Sparklers are lit and the trampoline is made good use of. Each child consumes at least 4 Bulla frozen yoghurts & ice creams.

Because I could sense you going rogue I stuff 3 κεφτεδάκια into your mouth before Oma takes you and Tilly on an adventure to Scott’s salon for a hard summer cut.