07-08-16 Toilet Training

Sunday 7th August 2016

We have embarked this month on the dreaded toilet training of our son. It’s been something I’ve not looked forward to for obvious reasons (piss and poo everywhere) yet really excited to get started (nappy use right down; yay to cost savings!) Plus Mumá Dôra is here in Dubai so I get to handover responsibilities when I am simply over them.

So far – day one – has been astoundingly successful: many wees done in his blue potty. Reasons why so: Kingsley has been ready to ditch the nappies for a few weeks now (pulls them off, aspires to his nappy-free friends’ statuses, likes the praise we give him for sitting on his potty, dislikes wearing a heavy, wet nappy these days), and so are we. The potty good friend Vicki gave me on my baby shower has finally been taken out of the box nearly three years later. It has pride of place in our living room, between the lounge and the dining room table.

Lets see how long this toilet training lark will take to get Ninni in control of his wee and poo day and night. But in the meantime, it’s definitely nappies for nighttime…