17-08-16 International

Wednesday 17th August 2016

Happiness is…getting a night out with the gals and leaving the baby in the capable hands of your own Mumma. Tonight was just that: dinner with my Dubai crew dressed up and feeling fresh while Kingsley got his JiaJia Dôra all to himself.

Believe me: a night out makes me a chirpier woman and no doubt easier to be around for those who are closest to me: child, husband, mum and friends. Still, I won’t eschew my responsibilities before leaving the house, the greatest of which is feeding the boy, so I stuff pieces of baked salmon into his mouth, one by one the pieces go in, as he watches Peppa the Pig in Greek, and I am plaiding my hair and excitedly taking phone calls from the girls…and at exactly 6:15pm I am out the door en route to Mirdif.

Food is a feast when we arrive: organic bread baskets and an array of spreads care of the sweet staff at Le Pain Quotidian who notice how famished Camilla is (coming directly after work) and pushy I am (standard). Next the rest of the girls turn up: Rio and her mum, then Sunny. What is remarkable is that I don’t feel one iota of guilt for going out, and as far as Kingsley is concerned, all I’ve done is ‘step out to shop for bread and milk.’ Mum is a gem as the white lie. Plus he buys it.

Leaving for home is just as much fun as getting here. Nearing midnight and on the metro I meet some cool international people, one of whom is the son of the current First Family of Kashmir; the other is a couple from Cameroon who attend church and are down with the youth. I can barely understand any of them however the half hour ride is all laughter and compliments. The obligatory selfies are taken and promises to hook up via Facebook are made.

I do, of course, return home with a wee gift for Kingsley; he has never really left my mind: a blue flashlight which projects the image of an ever growing red spider when directed toward a wall or ceiling. He goes nuts. Barely realized I was gone, mum says. Bread and milk can wait till tomorrow.


Camilla my Finn friend enjoying dinner at Le Pain Quotidien, Mirdif


Mr. Royalty of Kashmir on the metro


Miss Cameroon going home on the metro after church