26-03-18 Southbank with Miss Meli Mou

Monday 26th March 2018

6pm Brisbane on board virgin flight to Sydney. He’s in seat 18A looks around notices the seat in front of him. Asks ‘where is my TV?’ Tell him Virgin Australia don’t have TVs. Asks me ‘which airlines have TVs?’ I tell him ‘Emirates do.’ Emirates from Dubai? ‘ Yes, I proudly answer. Emirates from Dubai have TVs! He looks out the window, continued eating his Hardys french fries and merrily counts the domestic airplanes taking off.

Christening Sydney Domestic Airport at 8:30pm

In the day Kingsley explored with abandon all the urban utopia of Southbank. His mint green reef shoes care of Oma are my beakon for locatibg him. A pair of cotton undies are sopping as soon as he threw himself in the water for 3 hours straight while Mel Commons and I enjoyed a picnic in the sun.

Enjoying Streets Beach Southbank

Our morning was just as active: breakfast with Leon and half an hour of hide & seek. We accompany Leon to Ashgrove Primary School who gets embarrassed at our loudness. Kingsley doesn’t care: he’s discovered the monkey bars. This kid is just about school ready.