17-09-19 Twins: Longest Sleep

Tuesday 17th September 2019

Batch cooking for these hungry mouths who open like birds’ beaks to receive nourishment. Tonight while the babies are asleep for what will tomorrow morning be their longest sleep (6pm till 7am, with a couple of wake-ups between) I make them mashed potato.

They’ve now officially dropped their third nap of the day (much to my horror and distress!), so night time sleeps are becoming longer. Just two now: first one after breakfast then the second one whenever they stubbornly submit to it.

Elektra refuses the dummy now. Spits it out. Keanu is desperate for it! She can’t cope with formula only boob! Vomits the canned stuff up. The boy naps during the day with a bottle in his mouth whereas at night he passes out with breast.

Their wee desires and preferences on show from 7 months!