26-02-18 Bastakya

Monday 26th February 2018

We meet Rio & family in Bastakya ostensibly to hand over the sunnies she left at our place over the weekend; a quick half hour job I thought. However our day quickly became a beautiful tour of the authentic precinct of Old Dubai.

We begin at the glorious Arabian Tea House, through Bastakya, Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood, up through the endless galleries and artist’s workshops, spice emporia, the textile souk and finally to the Dubai Museum where Rio & Michelle take Kingsley on a tour while I cool my heels next to Nanna Joan.

Our day could not end there for the minute Kingsley spotted the abras he insisted on a trip across the Creek. One dirham is all it cost to enjoy the cool breezes over the water of our winter in Dubai. That was highlight number one. Highlight number two had to have been disturbing a flock of feeding pigeons between Golden Fish restaurant and the Al Shindagha watchtower. Ever so gingerly creeping up on his patīni to the docile flock, Kingsley took great delight in ‘annoying’ the pigeons. Bird after bird would lift off, flap about, fly a meter then settle back on ground to resume feeding. Happiest kid in Dubai!